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There are many news themes available, so to find the best news Wordpress Theme is hard. Below is a list that I found while researching online to create my own tech news site. There are three fundamentals when looking for your perfect news Wordpress Theme. The number one thing to look for in a news or magazine theme is that it is compatible with the latest version of Wordpress or the version of Wordpress you are using. Most likely if you just installed Wordpress, you have the latest version of it, otherwise Wordpress will send an reminder to update to the latest version. If the news theme is not compatible then no matter how nice it looks, it will not work for your site. Second thing to look for is that the site has a powerful control admin panel. You don't need any programming knowledge to maintain or update your site, all you need is to access an admin panel to make any adjustments to colours, menus, homepage layout, headings, categories, content, images, footer, banner placements, authors and more. This makes your Wordpress site easy to manage and maintain. Third major thing to look for is that the news theme is compatible with what you need, matches with how you want your news site to look and features to have. Below are the best News Wordpress Themes and a link to show more information about each one.
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